Anatomy of a pop up

I was asked by a Children’s publisher here in London to design a large pop up of Jonah and the Whale for an upcoming book. Here are some photos of the assembly.

After designing with cardstock and tape on a smaller scale ( not to waste paper ) you then dismantle it piece by piece and make tracings. After scanning the tracings you then can start the digital die line stage. At this point I have adjusted the size to the printing measurements and then got to work creating the 20 plus pieces in Illustrator.

When the pieces have been created and printed I then start cutting everything out using an exacto blade. Before cutting I use a small round tip knitting needle to score all the folds.

Now the pieces are ready for glue. One by one you fold and place each piece in the proper location. Check that it folds and closes and then move on to the next.

When you are done you get a giant Whale with Jonah in his belly.













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