Who You Calling a Queen?

So I am part of the London Modern Quilting Group and we were tasked with creating a Mini (12″x12″) Quilt for an exhibition at John Lewis on Oxford Street in June.  “What does Modern Quilting mean to you?”  No pressure or anything.

I started thinking about new ways quilts can be considered as Art.  When Victoria and I were at the Stitch and Craft show a few weeks back we had a chance to meet Jamie Chalmers, AKA Mr. X Stitch.  Jamie was showing me a mini QR code in his booth.  I scanned it and it went to the creators website.  I thought I should make a quilted version of the same thing.

Google sent me to a free site were you can create your own code.  I then found a post from the Oh’ Fransson blog on making a Stamp Block.  I thought why not use both things and make my own QR code that would link you to my own Blog.  Easy, Right?  Not even close.

I started by making my code and then printing it out from Illustrator so I had the right finished size of 12″ Square.  That meant my individual squares were 3/8″.  That plus my heavy seam allowance left me with 29 rows by 29 rows of 1″ squares.  841 Squares!  That’s right I said 841, 1″ squares.  Sounds like a walk in the park. I started by laying out my Interfacing per Elizabeth Hartman’s rules.  I carefully placed all 841 squares on the interfacing and pressing as I worked from the top down.

It took me 2 days to lay them all out. Scanning as I went to make sure it worked.  Following the stitching rules on the blog I measured up my 3/8″ finished squares and off I went on my Janome TXL 607.

Another 2 days of sewing and splitting and folding and ironing and I was left with a slightly askew 12″ mini top.  A bit thick from all the layers but it was done.  I take out the scanner one last time and hit the button.  NOTHING!!!  I got nothing.  After a few minutes of panic I sat down and tried to figure out another way of getting my QR code to work.  Why not just cut my 3/8″ squares or rectangles and place them on top of the actual print out? So now I started cutting and pressing even smaller squares.

Is there something wrong with me?  If you asked Victoria she would say YES!

The next day I got an email from a friend from the quilting group.  Charlotte and I have similar taste in fabric that has become evident in our monthly meetings at Tricolette.  Anyway I asked how she was getting on with her Mini Quilt and she sends me a link to her blog – see the shocking images here!  Great minds think alike, right?  Since Charlotte had already suffered through making not one but two codes I thought it would be best to put mine aside and start something new with the time I had left.  Oh, did I mention it needed to be finished by the first Sunday in May so the group could vote on 12 or so to be in the show.

Flipping through the Metro paper insert I saw a picture of Andy Warhol’s Queen Elizabeth II painting.

Now that could be an interesting mini quilt. That afternoon I made my way to my Studio and went through some of my fabric stash.  I found some small red pieces that would work well on the background paired with the new Makower Crowns in red and I was off.  The Queen is not finished just yet but is on its way.

Queen in Progress.


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