Such a Wicked Intent

When Victoria and I were back in NYC a few months back visiting family and friends I was asked by one of our closest friends if I could make a pop up for a promotion of a new book that was being released. So Elke and I sat down for a chat.

“Wicked Intent” is the new novel by Kenneth Oppel and is the follow up to “Dark Endeavour”.  Simon & Schuster wanted to send out a copy of the new book and a card to 300 bloggers to review and comment on.

She ran through the list of things the marketing team came up with. Some of which included fake butterflies painted black in jars. We decided to make a black butterfly pop up promo card.

Two days later I was back in London and started doing some research on butterflies. While I have seen them I am no expert. Thanks to google images I found one that was my starting point. I printed it out, traced out my wings and went to town with my handy scissor.

The image of the Butterfly I found on Google and the first mock up made from tracing the shapes of the wings and taped together.

The goal was to make a Gothic looking pattern on the wings so I drew what I wanted, scanned it and made digital files to then be cut out.

A day later I had a working model but felt it needed some tweaking. Another day and the structure and dies were done. Pictures and a mock up pop were sent to Elke at S&S and the approval was given.

The semi finished file. I ended up having to remove a few of the die cuts from the lower wings as the kept getting caught when closing.

As I got the go ahead I was heading to the Bologna Children’s Book Fair in Italy and knew I would be seeing some old printer friends of mine, so I brought my extra sample to see if they might be able to produce it for me. Lucky for me, some very good friends from Millennium Printing were able to print and assemble the promo for me.

Here are some of the pictures I asked Jacky to send me so I can see the team working on the project.

The printed sheets, 3 up on a page ready to be scored.

After the sheets are printed they are then shifted over to this machine which will place the folded scores in the proper locations.

The Black Butterfly sheet being placed in the Die Cutting machine.

All of the unused pieces will be scrapped and recycled into more paper for other projects.

After all of the individual parts are either printed and or die cut they get moved to the team assigned to the assembly of the project.

Each person on the line has a specific job to do before the pop can be passed to the next person. This ensures accuracy and yields a consistent end product.

I was excited to get a package the other day from China with 10 copies of the finished card.

The finished pop ready to be sent out to the bloggers.

Back of the card with my design and engineering credit. How nice!


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