Sew Much Fun!

This past weekend a bunch of us from the London Modern Quilting Guild met up at the Fat Quarterly Retreat here in London.  It was a weekend event that some of us just went to on the Saturday.  We organized a spot to gather and then walked over to the Baden Powell House as a Gang (look out).

A nice little gift Charlotte received from a fellow retreater

We managed to sign in and get our name tags and name tag Bingo sheet and then were sent into the main meeting room.  As one of two guys there I felt like I had no chance of winning Bingo.  There were 98 women I had to sift through to find my 5.  Somehow I managed to end up with 8 thanks to the few who had sympathy for me in the Bingo game and in general.  Some thought I was dragged against my will. The only good part was that the name tags were placed in a way that I had a nice view in some cases!

My first class was making Portholes with Lucie Summers.  Lucie managed to get me into her full class by telling Tacha that I was bringing my own machine and that she needed my “help”.  So “help” I did.  I made fun of her for the 2 hour class which I think made her feel better about it as she was a bit nervous. The technique looks much more difficult than it actually is.  Lucie went the stages and by the end we had a fun first block to a new project.

First ring done and in the machine for top stitching

After some stitching, cutting, and pressing I managed a really fun Block using some super thick black canvas (which Lucie said wouldn’t work but it did) and Summersville.

My First finished Porthole Block

After our class we met for lunch and had a bit of a chat.  I then managed to talk my way into the Paper Piecing Class taught by Lynn from Lilys Quilts. We had 3 options which I decided to do the most difficult.  I had only an hour or so before my 4pm class so I sat down with my Janome and got to work.  I picked the Double Flying Geese Cushion Cover.  I managed to work my way through 2 of the 8 sections and was pleased with my choices.

Lynn’s Finished Sample. A bit of fiddly work but looks well worth trying it out.

At 4pm I headed back down to the main hall for my Zipper class.  I am happy to have done this as putting a zipper on anything always seemed hard to do.  Within the 45 minute class I was able to finish this little bag of Skulls for my supplies.  Thank you Claudia.

The perfect size for my scissor and rotary cutter.

Just before we decided to have some dinner I was helping Shevvy pick out a Jelly Roll for her challenge and was roped into making my own.  The mission if you decide to take it is to stitch all 40 strips of fabric together at the short end, then fold it in half and stitch it together, cut, fold it in half again and repeat until you have a quilt top. I sat with my Moda Salt Air Jelly roll and John, (Quilt Dad) the only other guy at the retreat, started the clock.  One Hour and Ten minutes later I was done and the only person to finish in one sitting.

All it needs is to be quilted and I am all set.

I had a great Saturday with 99 other quilting fanatics and can’t wait to do it again.


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