Gearing up!

I was wondering if those of you out there might be able to help me on a project that I am going to start as part of the
“Geared for Guys” book that is out.  
Geared For Guys
Emily Herrick from the Crazy Old Ladies asked if I would participate in this thing she has planned.  I am to take one of the patterns from her book and make it my way. My colors but her layout.  

Emily’s Helix from Geared For Guys.

That being said I have decided on HELIX, but instead of randomly placing a color in a various shades I want to start at the center and gradate the colors out.  Don’t think I want to do a complete color wheel but a few colors might look cool.  So here is where you come in,  If you can look through your stash and I know you all have one, and maybe spare a few bits anywhere from 1-2″ wide and up to 9″ long.  They can be shorter but some longer ones would be great.  That would be amazing and will save me from buying a fat quarter of every fabric from the last year. 
If you want to share some of you scraps I would really appreciate it.  Just let me know and we can sort it out.
Just email me at
Thank you in advance.  
Some of the other Geared Quilts
Helix and Urban Decay by John Adams of Quilt Dad

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