Oh Boys!

So some of you might know that Victoria and I have been fostering some dogs from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home for the last few months. We thought it would be a nice thing to do since we missed our girl Lily, who is back in NY with my mom,

Lily nearly 11 years ago. Such a tiny thing.

At mom’s sitting in her chair by the front door listening for food to be dropped. Not so tiny anymore.

and that so many of the dogs that are in the kennels have been just dumped on the streets of London which was the way I found her.

We filled out this long form and submitted it to Battersea stating all the reasons why we thought we could be good Foster parents to some needy dogs, mostly Staffies.  Didn’t hear back for a few weeks and kind of assumed we didn’t make the cut as we have heard they were very picky about who was selected.  Out of the blue one afternoon I got a call from Jess at Battersea asking if we were still interested and set up a meeting with Carly for a Foster Interview.

SO we were approved and in need of a few weeks out fo the kennels was Philip.  Philip is a big Staffie mix that was found in Greenwich left on the street.  He came into Battersea severely underweight and was having some stomach troubles leading to more weight loss. We knew we were going away in 2 weeks time and that Philip needed a little break to see how he managed out in the world so I went down one afternoon and met Philip for the first time.

Getting some fresh air.

It took a few hours for him to settle in but after that we were attached at the hip.  He would even lay down on the floor next to my side of the bed waiting for me to get out of the shower.

Philip went on the train with me to my Studio, came with us for dinner at the new Clapton Hart one evening. All he wants is love and to see the scars on his face kept reminding us that he probably never had that before.

Come on! What’s not to Love?

From the first minute we got into the house we knew that he was never treated like family.  He had no idea what furniture was or that you were not supposed to go through the window out to the balcony.  But he learned and fast.  He would sit and stay when you asked him to.  I tested this one day at the studio when I told him to sit and stay, then left the room and went upstairs to get something and came back 5 minutes later to him sitting int he same spot waiting.

Philip is a great dog and still needs a home.  If you know anyone who is interested in giving this sweet mush a family to love him let me know and I can put you in touch with the great team at Battersea. All he wants is his tennis ball and rub.

finding his favorite spot and not giving up his favorite ball.

We were really sad when we had to drop him off at Battersea to have his medical tests redone knowing that we wouldn’t see him for a few weeks as we were going away.  I had become equally attached to Philip as I think he did to me.  We drove away with tears in our eyes that afternoon.

After our trip to Barcelona I got a call from Esther with an emergency.  Leroy was out on foster with another family and then dropped off abruptly when he had an accident in the house after not being taken out for nearly 12 hours.  When she told me this I nearly gasped. I can’t even hold it for 12 hours let alone a year old dog. I asked her to send me a picture and this is what she sent me.

Victoria and I had a chat and the next day I went to get him.  Knowing he was still on the young side I was taking him out every few hours just to see how he would do.  In the first few days there as only one accident and it was quickly cleaned up.  The first night was a bit rough as he was unsure of his new home and had a bit of a puppy freak out running laps in the flat.  After waking up a 4:15 when I heard him get up we ran outside to do his business and then crashed on the couch.  This is how Victoria found us at 6:30 when she got up.

My napping buddy.

Leroy was a bit more of a challenge then Philip but after three days when we sorted each others schedule out we were in sync.  Leroy loved his ball playing just as much as Philip did so every day we would go out and play ball.  He is quite the little jumper and we found that after a 15-20 minutes of ball he was a completely different dog.  Relaxed as well as tired.  He runs non stop.

Leroy would chase the ball and Hubert would chase Leroy. Fun for all.

We made a trek on the Bus to Islington and had a walk around.  He was a very good boy and sat ever so perfectly to take this picture off Essex Road.

Street Art off Essex Road in Islington. Like a Shadow of Leroy.

Leroy also made the trip to my Studio so I could work.  He played with his treat bone and his Kong and sat and watched me as I did a little of this and a little of that throughout the day. A great partner.

Sound asleep in the car with the top down on a rare sunny day in London. He loves sitting in the sun as we found out the week before.

Leroy and 2 of his 3 favorite things. Sitting int he Sun and his Kong. All that is missing is playing ball.

Me busy at work with Leroy watching.

So after nearly a month with us, Esther suggested we come down on Saturday to introduce Leroy to the Foster/Rehoming team so he will be fresh in their mind when trying to match a family.  So this past Saturday we drove down to Battersea with our boy Leroy not expecting much to happen that day.  We had already planned to play a long round of ball when we got back and Victoria was planning a cuddle with him on Sunday while I was out for the day.  It was kind of slow because the Olympics were on.  Around 2:30 or so a few young guys stopped in for the 4th time to have a rehoming interview and before they went in we introduced them to Leroy.  Most of the day Leroy was nervous and squeaking from his nose which he never did before but when the two guys came over he settled right down. “Oh how nice it is to see them outside of the kennel.  They are over the top excited inside” one guy said.  We completely agreed with them.  We chatted for about 10 minutes of so before they went in with Leroy being the perfect boy.  All of the staff had their fingers crossed as the guys were meeting with Louise the rehomer.  About 30 minutes later Louise came and as said the guys would like to take Leroy for a walk as they were interested in him and had to wait for the 3rd flatmate to get here. Off he went for a walk and a ball play with his potential new family.  That’s when we thought he would be perfect with them. Garden, someone was always home as they had different schedules and Leroy picked them.  After the 3rd flatmate arrived they had a chat and said that Leroy was the one they wanted.  We were not expecting this to happen this fast and was a bit unprepared for it. The staff were a bit shocked too.  They went in to fill in the final rehoming forms and then we took a picture as a group and off they went.  I know this is a great thing but we both had become very attached to him.  The rest of our night was a bit tough.  We kept waiting for this little patter across the floor and our 11pm walk in the park. We are happy that the guys had love to share with him.  Our first foster that was adopted out.

Resting in the sliver of sun with a bit of his bone left.

It’s time for some push ups!


One thought on “Oh Boys!

  1. Thank you for all you are doing to help all these wonderful dogs, they are so misunderstood! I have a “granddog” that is a pitty and he is the sweetest most
    gentle dog ever. You are good people with good hearts, THANK YOU!

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