It’s a Jimi Thing

A while back I saw a link from the V&A that had the “Quilt Maker” program.  I thought I would give it a try and see what it looked like.  Found an image and converted it and thought I need a better image.  I have been toying with the idea of quilting some vintage Superhero  posters so in went Superman. Then I thought why not do a vintage album cover from my collection (my dad’s collection from the 60’s).

Electric Ladyland from Jimi Hendrix came right to the top of the list.

Electric Ladyland released on October 25, 1968 and partly recorded at Olympic Studios, London

The Doors were up there too but I prefer Hendrix plus I have them all on vinyl.

In went the image and then I was asked all sorts of personal questions.

Select your colours

Select the maximum number of colours for your pattern. The more colours you use, the more complex your design will be.

  • 5 colours
  • 10 colours
  • 15 colours
  • 20 colours

Pattern Complexity

The more complex the pattern, the more sewing you will have to do.

  • Easy
    (10 x 10 squares)
  • Medium
    (20 x 20 squares)
  • Advanced
    (30 x 30 squares and triangles)

I felt like they were testing my ability so I said 20 colours and advanced.  Take that!

Then I was sucker punched with this.

30 Rows by 30 Rows = 900 Squares.

So I went to work separating and cutting hundreds (900 plus) squares to 2.5″. Why 2.5″ you ask? Well I thought a 2″ finished square would look nice but after cutting I remembered that there were some 2 piece squares. After a bit of testing with the 1/2 squares I then had to piece by piece cut the 2.5″ squares to 2″ because that was the finished size after all of my diagonal piecing. Now I have about 1000 2″ squares ready to go. I gridded up the chart into 6 x 6 blocks and started sewing.  Then a blog I saw a few weeks back popped into mind.  Elizabeth Hartman from Oh, Fransson posted her nifty version of a stamp collection block using interfacing.  I made myself a 2″ grid on some leftover thick paper I had from pop up book I finished and then trimmed up my interfacing into blocks to go over the grid.  Now on to the laying out and pressing.

My little home workspace with some fused blocks ready to be sewn.

One side folded and stitched. Now on to the second side.

The moment of truth was when I had finished all 25 blocks and was putting the rows together.  What would I do if it didn’t look like the album when it was done?  Probably cry. With a little but of praying and some hangers I hung the top up on the wall.  Closed my eyes and turned around to see my Jimi Hendrix hanging in front of me.  I am going to say that you need to be a good 10- 15 feet away from it to see it clearly but that is the fun of it.

FInished and ready to be quilted.


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