x(t)=cos(t) • AKA, Helix

Not too long ago I was asked by Emily from Crazy Old Ladies if I wanted to participate in her new “Geared for Guys” blog tour. So here is my story.

After my first flip through the book I was instantly drawn to “Helix”.  I don’t know why but when Emily asked which one I wanted to work on the words just came right out.  If we were face to face she wouldn’t have even finished her sentence. That’s when the craziness began.

The Color Wheel from Purl Soho that I have seen for the last few years hanging in the store.

My idea was to use a color wheel, like the one from Purl Soho as my guide and radiate out from the center.

Ok, Plan set, now find all the fabrics needed for the madness. Since I would need a massive amount of fabric in all sorts of colors and prints I thought why not ask my friends via Twitter if they might be able to help me out. Lynn from Lily’s Quilts was the first to off up some of her scraps.I had met Lynn a bout a month earlier at the first Fat Quarterly Retreat here in London. She gathered up a box and I sent her the postage sticker.  A few days later I was in amazement at what was in front of me. I was also lucky to have a bunch of members from the LMQG drop off little bags of scraps at our July and August meeting so let’s get to stitching.

My giant new stash from Lynn at Lily’s Quilts

On my wall I started to get a sense of the colors and prints I had to work with. It was overwhelming but once sorted it started to come to life.

the beginning of the plan.

Starting in the center and working out. My instructions at hand.

My Grey beginnings.

Off we go!

Growing into Blues and Greens.

So here it is in it’s almost finished glory.  Since I am in London and the Long Arm is in NY I plan on bringing it (along with a few others) home to finish  quilt it when I am back in October.  I will add some finished pics when it is done. Promise.

I would like to thank all of the London Modern Quilt Guild members who supplied me with some scraps and a big Thanks to my friend Charlotte who let me raid her very well organized stash several times on short notice when I ran out of colors I needed.

Sept 4: Erika from http://pinksuedeshoe.com/– High Voltage

Sept 5: Lisa from http://lovetocolormyworld.blogspot.com/– Helix

Sept 6: April M. from http://april-makingendsmeet.blogspot.com/ – OddBall

Sept 7: Vickie from http://www.spunsugarquilt.com/– Caution

Sept 8: Sinta from http://pinkpincushion.blogspot.com/– Ivy League

Sept 9: Marion from http://myquiltdiet.blogspot.com/– Gamer

Sept 10: Sherri from http://www.aquiltinglife.com/– Urban Decay

Sept 11: April R. from http://www.aprilrosenthal.com/ – Switchback

Sept 12: Tricia from http://notesofsincerity.blogspot.com/– Caution

Sept 13: Shannon from http://itssewshannon.blogspot.com/– Urban Decay

Sept 14: Shari from http://www.doohikeydesignstudio.com/blog/– Ivy League

Sept 15: My day to show off Helix.

Sept 16: back to Emily for the giveaway! http://crazyoldladiesquilts.blogspot.co.uk/

On the last day (Sept. 16) I’m going to have a FABULOUS giveaway on my blog. So make sure you follow along and join us back here! See you soon  :o)


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