A little gift for a friend

A few weeks ago was the Knitting and Stitching show here in London. Victoria and I went last year with my broken arm and couldn’t wait to go back this year but unfortunately the dates of the show and our trip back to NYC didn’t work so instead of going to the show in support of our dear friend Emily Peacock, I made her a little something while we were on our train trip to Paris one weekend.

my shattered wrist. broken in 5 places along with 3 fingers. fun!!!

I had the idea originally when working on a quilting project to create myself a QR Barcode. If I could do it in fabric why wouldn’t it work in cross stitch?? So I found a online Barcode creator and out came my code.

building my patchwork code

For those of you who don’t know who Emily is she has been featured on the Kirstie Allsopp’s Homemade Home TV show as an expert Needlework artist and sells her amazing kits on her website and at Liberty of London. Emily was having a booth at the Stitching show so I decided to use my train trip as craft time a made her this little Code for her booth.

The original code.

Finished and ready to be framed for the show.

this one will scan. i promise.

From what I have heard from Emily, the code was a hit at the show.  Looking forward to seeing it at the Harrogate Stitching show in November.

Emily’s awesome book. Packed with really cool patterns.




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