Giving back!

So a few weeks ago my friend Michelle from RayStitch asked if I wanted to participate in a Charity Sewing night at the shop.  Sure!  Any chance I get to quilt can’t be a bad thing.  Cassandra Ellis is a NZ Quilter living here in London and has a new Book out.

Quilt Love by Cassandra Ellis

She was going to walk us through one of her quilts which she then just gives away to the homeless. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

Monday Afternoon at 4:30 I showed up to find a flurry of activity downstairs.  The machines were humming.  I grabbed a bit of fabric that I had received from my friends at Anbo here in London and started cutting.  13.5″ tall strips cut on slight angles.

The GIANT box of Blend Fabric from Anbo.

We were all on a roll and the blocks trimmed down to 13″ square were flying out of the machines.

Cassandra (in the black) chatting with a Charity Sewer

Some of the gang sewing. And look, I’m not the only guy. That’s a first!

The blocks sewn into strips. Starting to look like a quilt.

Michelle hard at work.

I haven’t seen the finished quilt yet.  Cassandra said she would send pictures when it was all together.  Can’t wait to see it.  We had a fun night making a quilt for someone who might be down on their luck and need a bit of comfort in the next few months.  Winter is coming so take your scraps and make a quick quilt for someone.


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