Velocity Challenge

Not to long ago the LMQG was asked if they wanted to participate in a Designers Challenge using Jessica Hogarth’s new line, Velocity.  A few of the group said yes, so off we went.

My portion of the fabric arrived while I was away in NYC.  As soon as we were back home in London I tore open the package and started planning. I wanted to use the building prints and recreate my home town.  New York City.

I sat down and did a quick NYC Skyline on the computer and then started cutting.

A quick digital sketch.

Cutting various widths for the sky and buildings.

The buildings came together pretty easy.  I matched up the random Velocity prints with the “sky” print I was using and arranged my Skyline.

NYC coming together. A few of my stash fabrics were added to extend the mini.

Once the entire Skyline was set I decided to frame the bottom of the buildings with the fun “Scooter” print and the top and sides with the “Bird” print.

All framed out and ready to be quilted.

I threw together a back with some of the leftovers and then started doing some straight line quilting. Once the road and the buildings were all finished up I thought I would try to give the sky a “sky” feeling.

The Horizon set for some quilting.

Foot changed and the “Sky” taking shape.

The finished product with my dedication to my home. I Love New York!

Ready to be hung on our wall at home so I can see it everyday.


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