A while back I became twitter buddies with Monica from Happy Zombie.  I was admiring her new fabric line, Winterkist, which is  put out by Lecien. Sadly, Lecien doesn’t supply many places here in London.  So Monica and I came up with a little swap of our own. She would send me some of her new fabric and I would in return make her a mini quilt/ mug rug.

Not too long after our arrangement this lovely little package arrived in the mail at my Mom’s.

Happy Zombie's Winterkist

Happy Zombie’s Winterkist

I quickly started on my half of the deal.  What to make? Why not stick the logo (a very cool logo I might add) inside of a Porthole?..

After some plotting and digital file making I had the makings of a “Zombie” mug rug.

Whatcha looking at!!

Whatcha looking at!!

Monica has been super patient with me.  So I just sat down the other day and finished it off.  I think it turned out really cool and wouldn’t mind doing something like that again.

Portholed and stitched up.

Portholed and stitched up.

hand stitched binding,

hand stitched binding.

A little men's suiting for the backing never hurt anyone.

A little men’s suiting for the backing never hurt anyone.

Off to Oregon it goes.  I hope Monica likes it as much as I do.



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