Pins & Needles!

As part of the London Modern Quilt Guild we occasionally do swaps within the group.  This time was different.  We have organized a swap with the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild in Canada.

I have never been much for making little things but I thought I would be a team player and make a little needle case for the swap.  After a few minutes of searching on Pinterest, my new favorite place, I found a great little tutorial from Jamie at Sew She Sews.

I love Skulls! and for me to be me I needed to make something to give away that had Skulls on it. Nothing like scaring a Canadian with a quilted Skull Needle Case. Following along with the tutorial I made this.




and even added P&P stitched onto the aida.


I liked the idea of keeping all my bits in one place (Victoria might have a heart attack if there wasn’t a mess on the table) so while we were wandering the Stitching Show a few weeks back I found this fun print and yes it has Skulls on it.

Fun Skull fabric found at the Knitting and Stitching show.

Fun Skull fabric found at the Knitting and Stitching show.

So I made myself a needle case because I was seriously considering not giving the other one away. Stitched in a cool Diamond pattern and some Orange and Blue pockets.  I also made it a touch bigger so I can get my scissors in easy.


diamond stitching!

diamond stitching!






Now to find all my little zip lock bags with pins and needles in them and give them all a new home.



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