Book Bound?

For the last week of so I have been working non stop on getting a last minute project finished.  At the beginning of Feb I was asked if I would be able to create a quilt for a book on Quilting by DK.  The beginning was a bit slow going until the fabrics were picked. The Editor, Kate picked the prints out.  Not really my taste of style but they are growing on me.

I started with a double pinwheel pattern I made up and sent it over to them for approval.

New Pattern opt1

The idea was so all the end points lined up but it would leave the quilt on a slight angle which I liked.  What they then asked for was a straight block with sashing around it.

Once the fabric arrived from Cotton Patch, I got to work using a paper foundation method. This would ensure all the blocks were exactly the same.



So today I managed to get all the sashing sorted and ready for pinning.  Figured I would head to class a bit early so I can use the tables to lay it all out and pin.



Should end up as a Double bed quilt.  Not to bad.


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