Self (ish) Promotion!

So this week was the release of my first full book and I’m super excited about it. A few years back I was the contributing editor for DK’s big “Quilting” book which was a fun experience but this new project is all me.

I have said it in the book, Quilting Basics,  that everything in the book is how I do things and by no means the only way of doing them. These methods work for me after trying several different techniques.  You will need to figure that part out for yourself but this book will give you a few options to create the same effect.


The entire book came together really fast.  It was only about April or May of 2015 that I was contacted about doing something like this. Once the idea and direction of the book was ironed out it was on to creating 12 lessons or techniques and the 12 corresponding projects.  I wanted the book to help those who didn’t know where to begin. With that in mind I created a simple very basic piecing table runner project to help prepare you for the next level of complexity.


Add some smashing to your next project with lesson 2 or try your hand at traditional English paper piecing.  I wanted to include a little bit of what I would have liked to have learned when I started quilting. The projects in this book are really just an introduction to what you can create once you learn so many different techniques.

DSC_0426 (1)





If if you do decide to buy a copy, and I hope you do, please share some photos of the projects you made from the book. I would love to see what you create! Tag me on Twitter (patchworknpaper) or Instagram (patchworkandpaper)