Is there a builder in the house?

So we finally moved into our house back in April and it’s only taken the last 6 months to get it to a spot where it feels like home. During the last few months I’ve been making things. Moving from NYC to London 6 years ago and from London to North Carolina last year left us with a hodge lodge of furniture. Victoria and I have been making lists of things we wanted in our house since we first decided to move back to the states. 
We opted to build our house from scratch because we wanted things a certain way. It started with our tree filled plot surrounded on 2 sides by a tree preserve. ( perfect for me as I didn’t want to s of neighbors surrounding me )

So the planning began. First on the list was our concrete fire place with a reclaimed wood mantel. All things the “custom” builder didn’t want to do. So I did it myself. 

I made my forms and got down to business mixing my concrete. I think they turned out pretty well. 

Once we moved in, I wanted to tackle the reclaimed wood wall up in our bonus room. I found the wood from the same place I found the mantel. The Reuse Warehouse up in Durham. 

At this point the folding table wasn’t cutting it with Victoria anymore so the next on the list was our breakfast nook table. With the help of a ever growing folder in my Pinterest folder I found a table that we both liked. The awesome sisters at Shanty-2-Chic supplied the plans and I modified to suit my space. 

Next was a few corner shelves. Also made from walnut found at Reuse. 

Then my office work desk. 

Then Victoria wanted new outdoor chairs. 

Next was a new dining table for our neighbor Julia. 

Then our friend Lindsay asked about some Chevron Shutters for inside their bonus room. So I started dismantling the dozen or so pallets I had collected.  

As you can see I am enjoying having a garage to work in. Can’t wait to keep making more things for our house. 

4 thoughts on “Is there a builder in the house?

  1. Hi, I have the pattern for the optical illusion quilt but I can’t work out where to put my light, medium and dark fabrics. Can you let me know which letters (a,b, c etc.) correspond to which values? thanks

  2. Where did you move in N.C,? I just moved here 2 months ago, & will move into my first home as a single lady at the end of this month. I found your site under the Janome newsletter, & then your pictures. I both quilt, but not so much lately, & some home embroidery. I’m looking forward to finally getting my sewing machine out of storage.
    Your furniture is so beautiful!! This will be the first time that I can have a room dedicated to sewing, & all the supplies & books. I can finally learn at my own pace with everything within reach. Do you ever make tables for other people, I love your table for both a dining & sewing spot? If not, it’s still beautiful, & wishful dreaming. Thank you for listening.
    Enjoy your new home, your boy is adorable!

    • Hi Rorie,

      We moved from the UK about 18 months ago to Cary while we were building our house from scratch in Apex. Where did you move too?

      Thanks for the nice words about my builds. My did was a carpenter and when I was little I remember going to the Lumber Yard with him up in NY. When we finally moved out of small city apartments I decided it was the time to start building things in my very first Garage!!! NYC and London Coops and Condos look down on woodworking in apartments..

      I have made a bunch of things for my friends. I just like the act of building and assembling.

      The people at Janome have been amazing. My big Horizon was on a bout for months and then not delivered until our house was finished in April so I had an entire year without it. They stepped right in and sent me a monster of a machine to work on as I was still finishing up my book and other projects for magazines.

      Send mr your email and we can chat more.


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