I feel like a spy!

While I am constantly working on all sorts of projects, I don’t have the luxury of getting to share them until they are published and out in the retail shops. That makes my social media a bit lacking. 

This is the kind of stuff I think I can get away with posting. The new quilt just happens to be lying around on the HandiQuilter which is the primary focus. 


Or things like this really cool project I’m just finishing up. Now that the files are on their way to China and you can preorder on Amazon, I figured I can mention it. Since last November I have been designing a pop up for the one and only, James Taylor.  It should be released sometime in November 2017. 

But all this secrecy does get to me from time to time. I will try and be better about posting on here especially as I try to upgrade the site to a more functioning version. 

Who knows. Maybe this will become a quilt in the near future?