What’s been going on recently!

Sometimes it is hard when you are working on fun and exciting projects but you can’t share with anyone because of the contracts you agree to. 

There are times when all you want to do is show what you are working on for some feedback and comments on colors or idea. 

I tend to make a bunch of samples using leftover and scrap fabrics. Since I make all of my own templates I like to print them and try it and see how they line up when actually using fabrics. 

Being able to make and create templates for the designs I want to quilt is one of the fun parts of the project. Most of the time they work straight away but there are others that require a back and forth from the printer and the scissors. “This tab is too long or too short or if I clip this corner here it would allow for easy alignment.”  

I have just started working on the first round of my 25 projects for book #2. I am super excited and grateful to the publisher that they want to do a second book with me. On top of that I have been finishing up a few projects for Quilty and Modern Ptachwork. Two should be out in the near future (Jan-Feb issues) and a few others after that. Also just was asked to do some more work for Popular Patchwork who featured my “Peaks and Valleys” quilt on the cover not too long ago. 

And another project for Pretty Patches who had the placemats I designed on the cover of this months issue. 

I enjoy what I get to do and I am grateful for the magazines and publishers who keep asking me to do more with them. 

Thank you!


2 thoughts on “What’s been going on recently!

  1. I was in the Cary shop and saw the peaks and valley quilt. How do I buy the pattern/template since i dont live in the area and cant take your class?

    • Hi. Glad you liked the quilt. I am currently in the process of laying out all of my old magazine quilts to sell the patterns. If you send me your email I’ll message you when I have them ready and you’ll be able to buy them from my website. Hope to have them sorted in a few weeks. Best, michael

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