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I have been busy working on my Cico Books project as of late but before I was smashed, I finished up a few more quilts for Quilt Now! Here is one!

On one of my strolls through Pinterest I found this cool little postcard that used a bracket as a graphic pattern. I’m a designer or was not to long ago so I came up with this idea and pattern.

While creating curved blocks is not a favorite pastime I knew to make this work as I wanted it had to be number 1 on my list. The thing with piecing 1/4 curves is that you generally have to pin the heck out of them and inevitably end up sticking yourself all afternoon. Then I remembered I have the curved piecing foot I bought from the Festival of Quilts a few years back. After reaching through the studio for the unopened set, snapped it onto my Janome Horizon and I got to work.  First by making the template….


Then by tracing and cutting the endless sections.  Remember each block has two parts.  There are something like 180 little 2 1/2″ blocks.  Oh Joy!!!


And once we had all the pieces in the correct color and direction we were off with a vengeance! I started by adjusting my foot so we had the proper 1/4″ seam allowance and the positioned both curves in place like below.
(note: I added extra fabric to the outer curve just to make sure we could trim them down so they all matched)


Carefully and slowly I made way through the curves.


Once you get close to the end it is best to use a pair of tweezers to hold both ends aligning as you go.


Press the curved section flat and you will be ready to trim to your final size.


Line up the 1/4″ marks on both seams and trim two sides square.



Rotate the block and trim to the final 2 1/2″ size.



Ready to be added to the rows and finish the quilt.

Victoria likes this quilt so it will make it to our bed. Looks good in either direction!




For the complete pattern and directions please find yourself a copy of issue 11 from Quilt Now!


Pins & Needles!

As part of the London Modern Quilt Guild we occasionally do swaps within the group.  This time was different.  We have organized a swap with the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild in Canada.

I have never been much for making little things but I thought I would be a team player and make a little needle case for the swap.  After a few minutes of searching on Pinterest, my new favorite place, I found a great little tutorial from Jamie at Sew She Sews.

I love Skulls! and for me to be me I needed to make something to give away that had Skulls on it. Nothing like scaring a Canadian with a quilted Skull Needle Case. Following along with the tutorial I made this.




and even added P&P stitched onto the aida.


I liked the idea of keeping all my bits in one place (Victoria might have a heart attack if there wasn’t a mess on the table) so while we were wandering the Stitching Show a few weeks back I found this fun print and yes it has Skulls on it.

Fun Skull fabric found at the Knitting and Stitching show.

Fun Skull fabric found at the Knitting and Stitching show.

So I made myself a needle case because I was seriously considering not giving the other one away. Stitched in a cool Diamond pattern and some Orange and Blue pockets.  I also made it a touch bigger so I can get my scissors in easy.


diamond stitching!

diamond stitching!






Now to find all my little zip lock bags with pins and needles in them and give them all a new home.



A while back I became twitter buddies with Monica from Happy Zombie.  I was admiring her new fabric line, Winterkist, which is  put out by Lecien. Sadly, Lecien doesn’t supply many places here in London.  So Monica and I came up with a little swap of our own. She would send me some of her new fabric and I would in return make her a mini quilt/ mug rug.

Not too long after our arrangement this lovely little package arrived in the mail at my Mom’s.

Happy Zombie's Winterkist

Happy Zombie’s Winterkist

I quickly started on my half of the deal.  What to make? Why not stick the logo (a very cool logo I might add) inside of a Porthole?..

After some plotting and digital file making I had the makings of a “Zombie” mug rug.

Whatcha looking at!!

Whatcha looking at!!

Monica has been super patient with me.  So I just sat down the other day and finished it off.  I think it turned out really cool and wouldn’t mind doing something like that again.

Portholed and stitched up.

Portholed and stitched up.

hand stitched binding,

hand stitched binding.

A little men's suiting for the backing never hurt anyone.

A little men’s suiting for the backing never hurt anyone.

Off to Oregon it goes.  I hope Monica likes it as much as I do.